Nadejda Vi Stroy - Construction and Investment company
Since 1990 Nadejda Vi has been building construction sites in the field of housing and public construction, industrial construction, infrastructure construction. The company has a team of professionals with many years of experience and a base with construction machinery.

In the early 1990s, Nadejda Vi started working on important infrastructure projects for the society

1992 expands its activities in the construction of residential and public buildings. By 1996 there were 7 completed buildings..

From 1994 to 2000 the company entered the coal industry with Mini Opencast Coal Mining AD, Pernik where it provides 80% of the required raw material for Toplofikacia Pernik EAD.

In 2000 the development of a quarry near the village of Studena, Pernik, began, operating until 2008, supplying aggregates to the needs of 60% of the concrete units located in Sofia.

In parallel with the development of the career participates in the implementation of large projects such as:
  • 3 600 m of the new runway to Sofia Airport;
  • Struma Motorway - the section between the town of Pernik and the village of Dolna Dikanya;
  • Hypermarket "Hit" in the neighborhood "Lyulin", Sofia;
  • Hypermarket "Hit" in the neighborhood "Mladost" Sofia;
  • Praktiker store located on Tsarigradsko Shosse Boulevard;
  • Business Park Sofia located in Mladost 4, Sofia;
  • Sofia Park Center, located at 2 Arsenalski Boulevard, Sofia;
  • Execution of excavation activities on the first building with 5 underground levels in Sofia, with a total excavation depth of 18.5 meters - Perform Business Center, located at 2 Positano Street, Sofia;
  • Sofia Outlet Center, located at 92A Tsarigradsko Shosse Boulevard in Sofia;
Nadejda Vi builds its own investment projects and rents them out after their finalization.
From 2009 to 2017 the company took part in the construction of a number of significant projects such as:
  • Furniture store "Ikea", located on "Ring Road" 216 in Sofia;
  • Sofia Ring Mall Shopping Center, located at 214 Ring Road in Sofia;
  • The project for construction of the crossroads on two levels at the Television Tower, Sofia;
The company is involved in infrastructure sites of national importance such as:
  • Republican road II-18 (Southern Arc Sofia);
  • Trakia Motorway, near the town of Nova Zagora;
  • Hemus Highway, near the village of Belokopitovo;
  • Northern Speed Tangent" near the northern outskirts of Sofia, connecting three highways - "Hemus" "Struma" and "Thrace"
  • Struma Motorway, section from the town of Dupnitsa to the town of Blagoevgrad
  • Struma Motorway, a section from the Kulata checkpoint to the town of Sandanski;
In 2018, Nadejda Vi takes part in the construction of:
  • "Workshop for harmless production activities and printing of advertising materials, administrative, commercial and service buildings", hereinafter referred to as "site", located in Regulated Land V - 041007, 041008, in district 157 (one hundred and fifty-seven), Peshteritsa locality according to the plan of the town of Slivnitsa";
  • Electrical construction: 1. "Repair of OHL 220 kV" Kamchia "in the section from station № 1 to station № 228" 2. OHL 220kV "Strength";
From 2019, Nadejda Vi takes part in the construction ofа:
  • "Construction of a roundabout at km 254 + 257 of Road I-6" Sofia - Burgas "and approaches to two local lanes" - KARLOVO
  • "HEMUS Motorway section from km 310 + 940 to km 327 + 260, subsection from km 317 + 360 to km 318 + 820"
  • Construction of a new 400 kV power line between Maritza Iztok substation and Burgas substation from Rapper 1 (R1), located in front of the switchyard at Maritza Iztok 3 TPP substation to pillar №319, between Rapper R18 and Rapper R19 "In 2019, Nadejda Vi nvests in its own project called Residential building with underground garages in Regulated Land II-381 and Regulated Land VII-382, quarter 88c," Bul. Stanke Dimitrov ”, Nadejda Vi district“ Part 2 “Calla Residence” The “Calla Residence” project has been completed in 18 months.
In 2020 Nadejda Vi builds you - "Workshop for drying and processing of fruits, production of organic fruit syrups, production of organic powdered fruit juices and cold pressed oils" located in property №109029 on the land of the village of Drugan with EKATTE 24832 , municipality of Radomir

Again in 2020 he takes part in the construction of:
  • „NEW PRODUCTION - Sofia (P027)”, glass production plant BA Glass Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Construction of a new 400kw overhead line from under Maritsa Iztok station to under Nea Santa Greece station on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria

In 2020, Nadejda Vi invests in its own project called - Residential complex of 16 houses in "Residential Park Mountain View" Regulated Land I -60.51, quarter 1, Marincha area, Pozharevo village, Bozhurishte municipality /


Over the years, Nadejda Vi's mission has been clear and unwavering – to build quality buildings.

Whether we are building buildings for our clients or buildings that are our investment, we strive to exceed expectations.

The values of Nadejda Vi Company are:
  • high quality;
  • execution on time;
  • work with professionals;
  • coordinated with specialists;

We do not compromise on quality, because we want our customers to come back to us and recommend us!